We work hard to help all our clients move forward with their writing and publishing goals, and we’re proud of the excellent and encouraging feedback we’ve received. You can check out our online references notebook to see extensive comments from our clients. Here’s just a taste:

“The overall discussion was really helpful in making me think through the various characters. It gave me a clear direction to work in. Also, it was kind of great to be called on the carpet as story “promiscuous” because that is absolutely true. I’ll do my level best to stick to my one tale and honing my skills on that story only.” — Lise Lunge-Larson

“Your pre-critique questionnaire is extremely helpful. It makes me evaluate where I feel I am on the piece and where I want to go with it. It also makes the process less intimidating.” — Nancy Meyers

“I decided to give the service a try, and I’m so glad I did. My session felt a bit like having tea with two no-nonsense friends who won’t let you walk out of the house looking a mess. Their feedback was constructive, timely, and straight forward. They helped polish my cover letter, resume, and writing samples and gave me the push I needed to submit my first packet to an editor.” — Christina Hogan

“We only talked for an hour, but in that short time I got deep analysis of two manuscripts and wise advice that will help me move both of these projects forward. Thank you, Laura and Lisa!” –Rebecca Hirsch

And here’s a new feature we’re trying. We are going to occasionally answer questions from children’s writers. Here’s answer #1:

Question: Is it normal to sell manuscripts and have them never published?