Rhyming picture books often become childhood favorites. But despite the bestseller status of some of these titles, many editors claim they won’t even consider a manuscript in rhyme. So what’s going on? The reality is, these engaging read-alouds appear deceptively simple to write. But they are, in fact, extremely difficult to write well. So the bulk of the submissions that editors receive are ineffective and not ready for publication.

Rhyming Picture BooksThat’s where this guide comes in. Laura Purdie Salas and Lisa Bullard, who make up the Mentors for Rent team, have both had rhyming picture books successfully published. Here, they lead writers through 10 key questions to ask about their own manuscripts—10 possible ways to make their rhyming picture book more salable in today’s competitive marketplace. Through their work coaching many different writing clients, Mentors for Rent has discovered that addressing these 10 considerations can make almost any rhyming picture book manuscript stronger and more appealing—even to editors who claim to be “anti-rhyme!”


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