Learn how to get contracts for nonfiction books!

We are excited to present  Writing for the Educational Market, available on the Kindle format from Amazon and also in print directly from Laura. Laura took all the content from her print book (and former online class) on writing for the educational market and packed it into this ebook. Here are just a few of the kind notes people who purchased this book in either print or ebook form have written:

“P.S. I was so excited to leave a review for Laura, who really launched my writing career, that I forgot to add that I’m in the midst of writing 6 nonfiction books for 2nd graders for Amicus Books…a series that builds on my passion for hands-on science. Thank you, Laura, for helping me and others get to do what we always wanted to do!” — Barbara Alpert (excerpted from an Amazon review)

“This was an excellent resource for me and answered so many questions. Thank you so much for the time and effort you put into writing this book. I am hopeful that I’ll have some nonfiction writing assignments before too long. Thank you!” –Suzanne R. Klein  suzanne.r.klein@gmail.com

“I had written to you about a month ago thanking you for writing a great manual on getting published in the educational field. Well, I’m going to bug you one more time and thank you for giving me the tools to get a contract!” –Lisa Willman

“I already have had some success in this area of publishing, but I purchased your course because I wanted to expand and really build a career in this area. I wondered if your book could offer anything that I hadn’t already figured out on my own. Your book did not disappoint!” –Kim Hutmacher

Visit the book page on Amazon and click on LOOK INSIDE! to check out the table of contents, read the Introduction, and read Chapter One and part of Chapter Two.