Our latest ebook is aimed at all the writers we hear from who feel like they have no way to get their work in front of an editor if they don’t have an agent. Now, we love agents here at Mentors for Rent! But they are about as hard to obtain as publishers are. So, what’s a writer to do?

Our new ebook is full of possibilities for finding publishers.

Our new ebook is full of possibilities for finding publishers.

Many not-yet-published writers feel like as if the world of publishing is completely closed to them. But it’s not! If you’ve revised and refined your manuscript so that
it’s in tiptop shape, then you’re ready to start getting your work out there. Sure, you know you can submit to editors who are listed in market guides (and if you don’t know that, we review it for you), but there are some more unconventional possibilities, too.

Drawn from real-life examples, our wide range of tried-and-true tips and out-of-the-box ideas offer sound advice about how you might access editors—even if you don’t have an agent. You’ll find a multitude of possible approaches that could help you break through the publishing padlocks!

..Visit the book page on Amazon and click on LOOK INSIDE! to check out the table of contents and read the Introduction. We hope this book will help you feel more comfortable and adventurous about finding ways to get your work in front of editors.