Troubleshooting Guide

  • Roll with it! Using technology means that things will sometimes go in unexpected directions. But we’ve found that it’s usually possible to come up with a quick fix if we all just think of it as an interesting challenge. And when it does work well–which is really most of the time!–the benefits are more than worth the disadvantages.
  • In a worst-case scenario, if the session cannot move forward as planned, we will reschedule your session at no cost to you. You will get your fair time! We are dedicated to you feeling satisfied with our service.
  • If something happens that means only one Mentor is available for your session–and this would only include unforeseen events such as a personal emergency or a last-minute technology failure–you will have the option of moving forward with only one Mentor for half price, or of rescheduling your session.
  • Enjoy yourself! We enjoy these sessions and want you to do the same. We’ll figure something out, even if the technology gets really crazy (trust us–we’ve had to improvise because of everything from blizzards to computer crashes–and it’s all worked out fine in the end).

And particularly for Skype sessions:

  • If we do get disconnected, WE will take responsibility for reconnecting with you. Your only job is to sit tight and respond to our overtures.
  • You’ll have sent us a phone number in advance, so make sure you have that phone handy in case we need to call you.
  • If you installed Skype long ago, you will want to double-check and make sure you are using the most current version. If you’re not, install the newest version, and make sure you don’t have older versions competing with it on your computer.
  • There is an instant messaging feature included in Skype (at the bottom of the screen) in case there are audio problems. Another option is to switch over to a conference call instead.