Mentors for Rent™ sessions are only $96 per hour—and that fee covers BOTH mentors!

The $96 per hour fee applies both to the time we spend in our live discussions with you, and/or to the time we spend evaluating your materials in advance of (or instead of) a live session. For on-the-spot critique sessions, we do not read materials in advance.


Sessions are a 1-hour minimum. Beyond that, we don’t require any long-term commitment. We’re delighted that several clients have chosen to return on a regular basis. But it’s always up to you to decide when and if you would like to schedule another Mentors for Rent session.

Group sessions

The fee is the same whether you choose to book a session with your writing group (all participating from the same physical location on one computer), a writing buddy (both of you on one computer), or on your own.


Once we’ve clarified what you need (and determined the appropriate timing) through email discussions with you, we’ll send you a payment request via PayPal. If you make your payment within 48 hours of receiving the PayPal request, your scheduled session date (or our independent critique time) will be confirmed. Please review our cancellations policy before scheduling your time with us.

Check out our Special Offers and Popular Options pages for further details about the different possibilities that are available to you.