Trying New Things

I’m always recommending that, if you’re trying to earn a living as a children’s writer, you say yes to trying new things. So I thought I’d share that I just said yes to a project that will be new for me. It’s writing some online lesson plans for young students, which I have not done before. But I’ve copyedited a lot of these over the past few years, so I feel very comfortable with the way these plans tend to go. The publisher sent me a model, so I will have a template of sorts.

I’m not sure exactly how closely the actual lessons will follow the model. It’s more efficient, of course, if it’s kind of a plug-and-play—inserting the different sounds for each lesson and coming up with new words, but otherwise leaving it alone. But it’s also nice if there’s some room for a little creativity. We’ll see.

The nice thing is, it’s a fair number of lessons, 16 in all. Even though it can be a bit scary committing to a large batch, I feel very confident these are within my ability (which is not always the case when I try new things). I know that being able to do things in batches is great, because I get faster and faster at them as I proceed through the project. Plus the pay will be decent for the whole set. When I say yes to something that’s new to me, but it’s only a very small project, sometimes I never get through the learning curve to get really comfortable with it and efficient at it. I think this will be just the right sized project: big enough to have a decent payoff ($2400) but small enough to not get totally sick of it (and the last deadline is less than a month away).

I can’t give any more details due to confidentiality agreements. But here’s hoping you guys are trying new things–whether it’s in your own heart writing or in the work you’re doing to make a living! Feel free to share in the comments if you’d like:>)


About Laura Purdie Salas

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  1. Congrats, Laura! Hope all goes well!

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