Time for New Business Cards!

I usually order new business cards each time a book comes out, featuring art from the new book. I never did that for A Rock Can Be… (oops!). But I did just order my new cards with the whale/tide spread from If You Were the Moon. I can’t get enough of that art. I just want to dive in and swim around in it!

I order most of my promo materials from Vistaprint.com, and my 500 glossy cards were about $26 shipped. You have business cards, right? Do you get yours from a different printer? If so, would love to hear about it. Or share pics of your business cards in the comments:>)


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children's writer, poet, reader, visiting author, speaker/teacher, mentor, copyeditor, freelance writer
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7 Responses to Time for New Business Cards!

  1. Angie says:

    Love the artwork, too! This reminds me that my business cards are now out of date! I’ve used gotprint.com before for photo cards.

  2. Congrats Laura on the new book! I use Vista Print for my postcards but I use http://www.moo.com for my mimi business cards and have a hot pink card holder on my key chain for easy access when I’m out and about…;~)

    Donna L Martin

    • I love Moo’s mini-cards. I did some for Rock to attach to chocolate rocks. SO smart to have them on your key chain. Hmm. I might have to do this. Great idea, Donna!

      • Thanks Laura! Good luck with your book and if you would like me to do a possible book review, just let me know. I post my reviews to more than 250,000 potential viewers through various groups I am a part of and love helping other author friends promote their books!

        You can DM if you’re interested…;~)

  3. ldk says:

    I love the artwork in MOON! Do you send a business card when you submit manuscripts?

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