Working on a Nonfiction Passage Today

Today, I’m working on a passage for 4th graders. It’s a nonfiction topic I proposed, full of facts but also with a clear opinion stated and supported. I know my length and readability level, and I am limited to five sources. So, this morning, I’m searching for credible online sources and clippling articles. I’m hoping to have my sources chosen and a brief outline written before I go to Zumba later this morning.

Some writers balk at the restraints imposed when writing to publisher specs like this, but I rather enjoy it! It’s a puzzle, and it lets me exercise my writing brain in a totally different way than working on picture books does.

Would love to hear what you’re writing today!


About Laura Purdie Salas

children's writer, poet, reader, visiting author, speaker/teacher, mentor, copyeditor, freelance writer
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4 Responses to Working on a Nonfiction Passage Today

  1. ldk says:

    Good morning, Laura. Thank you sharing bits and pieces of what you are working on. I look forward to your posts. It is so helpful to peek inside your writing life. Today I am reading over the critique from “my mentors” and working on revising my picture book poems. Earlier this morning, I sent my resume and cover letter to two different assessment publishers. I’m also working on a blog post for PF. So, life as a freelance writer has begun! : )

  2. Sara Matson says:

    Yes, thanks for sharing, Laura. I get a double dose of the peek into your writing life, since I’m working through your Writer in Progress class and loving it so far!
    Today, I’ll be working on developing questions for a child I’m interviewing later this week for a magazine profile. Have a great day!

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