Reviewing Goals from 2016

Hi, writers!

I’m just now thinking about my goals for next year, and it seemed like it would be smart to review my goals from last year first. I’m going to spare you the entire listing, but I did jot down a few notes to myself after reviewing my goals and progress–or lack thereof! Here are a few things I realized.

1. I am totally unrealistic about how many things I can accomplish in any given day/week/month.

2. Submitting poems to magazines and literary journals is a worthwhile goal, but one I don’t have time to pursue right now.

3. I am interested in many things I don’t have time to do. Life is short.

4. Having more trade books in the pipeline is fantastic! But there’s a lot more involved (on my side) in the editing process, publication, and promotion of those books than there is with work-for-hire projects. With WFH projects, the book kind of disappears off my radar and off my plate once it’s accepted and I’m paid. I need to block off more time in my calendar for my responsibilities with my trade books all the way through the publication process–and beyond!

OK, those are just a few of the things I’m realizing, and it’s good to acknowledge those truths as I prepare to set my goals for this year.

What about you? Any new realizations that you’re taking into account as you think about writing goals for this year? Please share!


About Laura Purdie Salas

children's writer, poet, reader, visiting author, speaker/teacher, mentor, copyeditor, freelance writer
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