Children’s Books and Self Publishing

A couple of weeks ago, in a post about flexibility and scheduling, I mentioned that I was going to have to delay my course I’m creating about writing for the educational market. That made me sad and disappointed a few readers who are waiting for it. But another reader had asked, around that time, if we (Lisa Bullard and I–Mentors for Rent) had any books or classes or resources about publishing with CreateSpace. I asked her what questions she had, and then I solicited some more from writers in our Facebook Group, and I created…

cb and createspace background

It’s not a course, really. It’s something a little different (and much smaller in scope than the huge topic of writing for the educational market). But it’s a bit more than two hours of discussion (broken into small, manageable bits) about whether CreateSpace is a good option for children’s writers.

I have tried not to be biased! As a children’s writer with many traditionally published books (here are all my books–well, most of my books) and a handful of CreateSpace books (here are just my indie pub books), I’ve got experience on both sides of the fence. I know indie publishing can be done well…but I also know it often isn’t. I also realize that some projects fit indie publishing better than others. So, my goal here is not to teach you, step by step, HOW to self publish. That would take a lot longer than two hours. Instead, this is meant to help you decide whether CreateSpace is a good fit for you and your project.

There’s also a 6-page handout that goes with it, and you can see what topics I cover and watch the first 10-minute video for free. So, if self publishing is something you’ve wondered about (or if you have writer friends who have considered it), I hope you’ll find Children’s Books and CreateSpace useful!


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2 Responses to Children’s Books and Self Publishing

  1. I am a “do or die trying” author interested in traditional publishing, I do have several friends who’ve used CreateSpace their work (poetry). I think their experiences have been mostly positive. Pretty awesome of you to whip up something so quickly around this need. You’re a lightning bolt of efficiency!

    • Thanks, Jilanne! I am pretty much a traditional author, too. Since picture books are my most beloved form, CreateSpace just isn’t a practical option for me. Though I’ve liked it all right for non-illustrated, specialty market projects. You just have to know what you’re getting into so you have realistic expectations:>) “Do or die trying” is what usually eventually leads to trad publishing success. Get it!

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