Thank You!

candy heartLaura and I had an especially emotional Mentors for Rent session this week. A client trusted us with a manuscript based on a wrenching personal experience, and before the session was finished, we were all searching for tissues.

I hope you all realize how seriously we take the responsibility when you entrust us with your work for a critique, and how much we learn from the work we do with other writers. Most sessions don’t end in tears—some even end in belly laughs!—but however they end, it’s an honor each time to be invited to participate in someone’s writing dream. It’s always a powerful reminder of how lucky I am to do the work I do and to have had the mentors I’ve had along the way. And at times like now, when my own writing feels stalled out, it’s an important reminder that the path of a writing career will likely have lots of twists and turns, but as long as I continue to push forward, I’m still making progress.

In other words, thank you—I’m grateful to have shared in your writing journeys, and I love having you along as companions for mine!


About Lisa Bullard

children's book writer, book promoter, writing teacher, writer in the schools, mentor, author of Get Started in Writing for Children
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