Chinese bookI did my first school visits of 2016 the week before last, and I loved the chance to reconnect with kids in the classroom. How can you beat moments such as when I was talking to a group of 5th graders about using first person voice when they’re writing fictionalized journals for a history-writing unit, and one boy piped up and said, “I’ll just have to practice that in my Dude Diary.”

What I haven’t loved so much is the horrible respiratory crud I picked up at the school. It always seems to happen. My immune system, used to working at home alone with a cat and a computer (neither of which can transfer their viruses to me), simply cannot withstand the super-bugs that make the rounds of school buildings during the winter months. So for the last week, my head has felt as foggy as if everybody around me is suddenly speaking Chinese.

So imagine my surprise when an unexpected box of author copies arrived on my doorstep today, and they turn out to be translated into ACTUAL Chinese! Because they were work-for-hire titles I wrote for an educational publisher, I had no idea the deal was even in the works until I saw the books today. But it’s lots of fun to know that somewhere around the world, my books will have the chance to inspire a whole new group of kids.

It’s a moment worth writing about in my own Dude Diary!



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2 Responses to Surprise!

  1. Sara Matson says:

    That’s so fun, Lisa! I had a story published in a Chinese magazine once and felt the same way. It’s really exciting to be able to connect with kids in a different country, who speak a different language–all without leaving my home!

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