Take the Freelancing Cup as Offered

In the On Being podcast the other day, I heard Martin Sheen share a Thomas Merton quote about being open to God whenever he/she comes into our lives and how we always want to put conditions on it.


Take the cup, dang it! Photo: Wildfeuer – https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Cup#/media/File:Meine_Tasse01.jpg GDFL + CC BY 2.5

It reminded me of being a freelance writer. “We must accept the cup as offered, not altered.” It’s at 31:00 minutes into the interview or so, and Sheen talks about how we respond. “Could you come back tomorrow?” “Could you put a little sugar in it?” “Could you pour some out, please? It’s a little full.”  “Come back tomorrow; I’m kinda busy right now.”

That is SO much like being a freelance writer. It’s always feast or famine, and you can’t turn away opportunities. So we often go into freelance writing (or freelance work of any kind) thinking that we will be in complete control–that’s half the appeal of it! But the truth is, the work comes and goes, and we have to accept it and be grateful for it whenever it appears.

Right now, I have a TON of work. Some of it is contract work, which is good for my barren bank account. Some of it is passion work, which is good for my soul. On top of that, I am in the middle of transitioning to both a new phone and a new laptop. I feel fortunate to have both, but I am in technology hell. And I have several speaking engagements coming up that require tweaked or brand new lesson plans. I am a little bit overwhelmed. Oh. Did I mention I’m putting together online courses, too? Right now, I’m just working on a freebie course about being more productive and motivated in your writing.

Oi. But. I’m grateful. For the work. For the challenging technology. For the speaking gigs. For the opportunity to get back into online teaching. Now, if I can just survive it all!

P.S. We have a new Mentors for Rent Group on Facebook. We’d love to see you there!



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