Down the Rabbit Hole

mazeHere is my confession: I have a complicated love-hate relationship with Pinterest. Of all the social media options out there, it’s the one that I find most entertaining.

I’ve always been a crafty person, and somehow the collaging aspect of it fits into that box for me. So it’s WAY too easy for me to get lost in a Pinterest maze, emerging unknown hours later with bleary eyes and a strange hankering for quinoa and overly extravagant cupcakes. There are times I avoid Pinterest altogether for fear of falling down this rabbit hole.

But I’ve been on Pinterest quite a bit in the past couple of weeks, mostly for the right reasons: helping another writer create a board to feature her new book, setting up an ideas board for my work-in-progress, and finding fun new ingredients for 4th of July shish kabobs (apricots, anyone?). And I was reminded of the upside of Pinterest for creative types like writers.

I have Pinterest boards that are purely for fun, but I also have Pinterest boards that very much serve a work purpose for me. Some of my boards target educators, providing them with creative possibilities for how they might use one of my books in the classroom or with background information about where my ideas and research came from. Some of my boards store ideas for writerly needs as diverse as classroom visits and book storage. And some of my boards serve as an online “idea collage” location, where I can pin the things that I come across online that seem to fit into one of my works-in-progress—such as my newest board, called “Mysteriously Gone Missing.” Feel free to check out my boards for your own inspiration here.

How about you—do you put Pinterest or another form of social media to good use as a writer?


About Lisa Bullard

children's book writer, book promoter, writing teacher, writer in the schools, mentor, author of Get Started in Writing for Children
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