Writers in the World: Laura’s Good News and Writing Group

I had a Wordsmiths (that’s my critique group) meeting last week, and for the first time in probably a year, all six of us were there! It was so fun–I got to celebrate my latest picture book sale (did I already share this here?) of IF YOU WANT TO KNIT SOME MITTENS to Boyds Mills Press. It’s a humorous nonfiction picture book, and I’m so excited about it! And I finally got to give Mary her holiday gift–a scarf I knitted–since I missed the holiday gathering due to last-minute travel to see my mom. Nothing like a Let It Snow! Snow! Snow! gift bag in June. And here in Minnesota, you never know. It might happen!

I had to truncate some names in the gallery below because the captions have to be short. Here are the wonderful Wordsmiths writers I depend on and am grateful for:

  • Mary Bevis
  • Tunie Munson-Benson
  • Joyce Sidman
  • Michelle Myers-Lackner
  • Tracy Nelson Maurer

Having writers who will support, encourage, and also PUSH me to write my best work is a real blessing. Every writer needs this kind of support, whether you find it through a critique group, SCBWI, or Mentors for Rent. Who is your support group? Would love to hear about it in the Comments :>)

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