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Writing Road TripHave you subscribed to Bookology yet? It’s a free online magazine featuring children’s books (you can go to this page and look in the bottom right corner for sign-up info).

I’m excited to be posting a new column (blog) there on a monthly basis. Called “Middle Kingdom,” the blog focuses on those books that are the perfect fit for middle school/junior high readers–readers that don’t really have their own category name in children’s book publishing, as they draw from both upper middle grade and younger YA titles (or even adult books) for their reading materials.

I love writing for readers this age myself, and in the blog I interview librarians and teachers who work with middle school students to get insights from the “literary front lines” about what these readers most want from their chosen books. If you happen to know any librarians or educators who work with this age level, please let me know–I’d love to interview them, too!

I’m also really delighted that the folks at Bookology asked to rerun my “Writing Road Trip” posts. That was a blog I kept up for a couple of years, featuring tips for educators and others who teach writing to children. When I look back at the posts as they are “re-published,” I’m actually pretty pleased with them (which isn’t always the case when I look back on things I wrote in the past). I’m also reminded that I received many comments from adult writers who told me that the tips and activities I provided in the posts were really helpful to them, as well! In case you’d like to check it out for yourself, here’s a link to the latest “blast from the past” Writing Road Trip post.


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