Finding the Truth About My Writing

I’m a pretty flexible person, and when we do dancer pose in our zumba cooldown, it feels like I’m reaching the sky, like this:

dancer pose 1

Jillian via CC on Flickr

Though, on rough days, if I’ve been sick or haven’t been to zumba in a few weeks, it feels a bit lower to the ground, like this:

dancer pose low

Lina Gonzalez via CC on Flickr

So I decided to see what the reality was. I couldn’t go by what I felt–I needed an outside, clinical, disinterested observer: a camera:

Dancer Pose Laura

My dancer pose — somewhere in the middle

My dancer pose is somewhere in the middle. Some good things. Some things that need work. Like most of our manuscripts.

It’s almost impossible to evaluate our own manuscripts. I’ve been writing a loooooooooooonnnnng time, and it’s still impossible. The only way I can see my work with a clear, evaluative eye is if I let it sit somewhere, out of sight and out of mind, for so long that I honestly don’t remember even writing it, let alone feel attached to it. That takes 2-3 years. If I want to revise any faster than that, I need help, from my writing group (Go, Wordsmiths!), my agent or editor, or a trusted paid critiquer. Fresh eyes. Honest feedback. It helps take my writing skyward. (Or sometimes lets me know this pose just isn’t one that fits my body:>)

My crit group meets tomorrow, and I’m bringing some poem drafts for a new collection I have in mind. I’ve read the drafts a few times. One time, I’ll think, “Hey, these have something!” The next time, I’ll think, “Ugh. WAY too preachy.” The truth is somewhere in the middle. I’m looking forward to my Wordsmiths’ clear feedback to help me figure out where, exactly, that truth is.


About Laura Purdie Salas

children's writer, poet, reader, visiting author, speaker/teacher, mentor, copyeditor, freelance writer
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