Rhyming Picture Books: Using Fresh Poetic Elements

Rhyming Picture Books: The Write WayThis month, we’re sharing a brief excerpt each week from our new book, Rhyming Picture Books the Write Way. At the moment, it’s Kindle only, though it will be available in paperback, too, before too long.

Here’s this week’s excerpt:

One of the defining characteristics of poetry is wonderful language. So you want to fill your rhyming picture book with fabulous rhymes PLUS strong words, evocative images, and fun sounds.
Fresh Rhyme

Let’s start with the rhymes. Often we see stories that rhyme “night,” “right,” and “sight.” (And I’ve done it, too!) But the real beauty comes when a rhyme surprises you, but feels just right (at first sight, even at night?). Here are some fun rhyme pairs from titles we discuss elsewhere in this book:






syrup/cheer up


flounder/around her



Don’t those make you smile?

So have fun with it! Take joy in finding unexpected words and combinations!

To read more about rich rhymes, near rhymes, ridiculous rhymes, internal rhymes, and other poetic elements, and why you should use or avoid each, check out our Kindle ebook ($2.99).


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