Getting Published Tip: Connect with Established Writers (But Not Like This)

Lisa shared an excerpt the other day that shared the right way to approach established writers. I want to share two small points about the wrong way. (There’s more on this in the book.)

  1. Editor names are like finances. Some people are very comfortable talking about them. Others are not. So don’t just blurt out, “Who’s your editor at Candlewick?” when you meet someone!
  2. Keep up to date about editors, at least somewhat. Read PW’s Children’s Bookshelf and listen carefully to editor names as you network through blogs, Twitter, Getting Published booketc. Then, if you meet well-established writer and you know she writes for, say, Henry Holt, you can mention a name. “I’ve heard great things about working with Christy Ottaviano. Is she your editor?” Most writers will respond with either a “yes” or a “no, I work with so-and-so” kind of reply. If the writer doesn’t offer a name, he or she isn’t comfortable sharing with you, at least not yet. Don’t push it.

For more information on this tactic and some off-the-beaten-path journeys to book publication, you can buy our Kindle book ($2.99). To read a bit more about the book itself, just click here to visit the book’s page on our site.


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