Getting Published Tip: Connect with Established Writers

Excerpted from Getting Published: How to Access Editors:

Established writers are still great sources of insider information about editors. Here are right/ wrong examples to illustrate such a possibility:

book fairThe right way:

 Someone we’ll call “Established Children’s Writer” is signing books at an event. You attend and discover there’s a sparse audience. You approach the writer’s table and offer genuine praise for his recent book. After a friendly conversation, you share the fact that you are also a children’s book writer, and ask if he has any tips to share with a newcomer. Outcome? One of my adult writing students followed this advice in a very similar circumstance. Established Children’s Writer was so grateful to meet a fan that he shared his editor’s name with her. She then had the opportunity to do further research on that editor’s tastes. But an important note: if she chose to submit to that editor, she would not use Established Children’s Writer as a referral— because she did not have his permission to do so.

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