Getting Published Tip: Use Social Media

Excerpted from Getting Published: How to Access Editors:

keyboardEven editors who don’t have their own blog will write guest posts for their authors’ blogs, or for other industry blogs—or allow themselves to be interviewed for someone else’s blog. By reading these posts, you can learn important things about their taste in manuscripts, favorite books from the past, current wish lists, and submission quirks.

You can also make your name known as someone who leaves articulate comments in response to [editors’ blog] posts. But don’t post queries for your manuscript or appear “stalkerish” by commenting on every single post—instead, offer insightful occasional commentary about the topic at hand. The idea is that you’re building a relationship based on a shared passion for children’s books; it’s a conversation, not a sales opportunity. Then after the “relationship” has had time to develop (perhaps a few months), submit your work. Bloggers do follow their commenters; as a regular (and interesting ) commenter, the editor might very well recognize your name.

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