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Last weekend was lovely. Coming shortly after the news of WATER CAN BE…  was a Highly Commended title for the Charlotte Zolotow Award came the news that it is a Finalist for the Minnesota Book Award! The three other books in my category are by Mike Wohnoutka, Michael Hall, and Joyce Sidman. Sigh:>) What wonderful company to be in.

Now, back down to earth. Also last weekend, regular life continued. Friday, I played board games with other book lovers. Awesome:>) I turned in my taxes. Whew. Saturday, I carpet-cleaned to erase lasting evidence of dog “accidents” (I think I should call them “on purposes”) in prep for our small Superbowl gathering. Not so awesome. And I looked at disappointing 4th-quarter royalty statements for WATER CAN BE…. Tragic. But then I took my niece Lily out for creative time (knitting, doodling, etc.), which was lots of fun. And then–the great news about it being chosen as a Finalist–and there is a lot of terrific competition here in my state of Minnesota. Finally, Monday, I got my gorgeous author’s copies of  A ROCK CAN BE…!

Why am I sharing this? Because sometimes we have this rarefied idea of writers’ lives. I’m guilty of this. I look at writers (even ones I know!), and I think their lives must be like fairy tales, with no worries about royalties, awards, business plans, etc. No dog messes.

But EVERY writer wants what she doesn’t have. A livable income or literary awards or heartfelt feedback from readers. Maybe, for a pre-published writer, it’s as simple as wanting publication!

Writing is a journey, and there are a lot of different paths we can take along the way. I’m savoring my particular path, even with its potholes and bandits. And it’s important to appreciate what we DO have, even while striving for particular goals.

Is there something on your own journey that you think Mentors for Rent might be able to help you understand or overcome? Maybe it’s time for a consultation.

P.S. I’ll be sharing my income from one single trade book in my next monthly newsletter, A Writer Can Be…. You can subscribe here if you’re interested.



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