Getting Published Tip: Put Your Work Out There for Other Reasons, Too!

In our last blog post, Laura shared an excerpt (from our Getting Published ebook) about how another author leveraged a book deal through regular blog posts. I want to encourage you to think about how your online presence can also help you build an audience of readers to support your eventual (or already-in-place) published book!

You Can Write a StoryNot surprisingly, many writers default to blogging or posting about writing itself. But is there a way you can spin that to distinguish yourself from the many other writers who are doing the same? For example, for many years I wrote a blog called “Writing Road Trip.” Yes, it focused on writing! But I narrowed the topic down to a more specific focus: providing educators with tips for teaching writing to children. My goal was to help promote my book You Can Write a Story: A Story-Writing Recipe for Kids, and to generate interest in my availability for author school visits.

Another example is Mentors for Rent client Sarah Warren, who has a Facebook page called “Hero Planet” where she celebrates stories about everyday heroes (in honor of the key figure in her book Dolores Huerta).

By finding a way to distinguish yourself in your online presence—by choosing a specific focus beyond just “writer”—you may ultimately capture the attention of both editors AND readers!


Getting Published bookFor stories about off-the-beaten-path journeys to book publication, check out our Kindle ebook Getting Published: How to Access Editors.


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