Networking Tip: Lisa’s Networking Goals for 2015

friendIn the face of a couple of serious family health concerns, it’s proving more complicated than usual for me to set work goals, including networking goals, this year. But this blog series that Laura and I have presented has done a great job of reminding me of the importance of networking! So I’ve chosen goals that I believe will be both effective and attainable, even in a year that is likely to be challenging.

  1. Strengthen the connections I already have. Networking is an ongoing process, and I’ve been working at it for many years. I’ve made many great connections over the course of my career—first when I worked in the publishing industry, and then during my freelance career. But I’ve lost touch with some people. And I recognize that there might be a lot to be gained by deepening my relationship with others. While I will certainly continue to also try to make new connections, this will be a year where my focus is more on deepening rather than broadening my connections.
  2. Become an interactor rather than just a “lurker” online. I’ve done a really good job of filling my blog reader with a range of interesting blogs. Now it’s time for me to become better at commenting and engaging through those channels!
  3. Explore new teaching possibilities. One of my favorite ways to network has been to teach writing classes for adults. I’ve met hundreds of students over the years and stayed in touch with a good number of them. I love sharing my enthusiasm about writing for children—so I’m going to explore new places where I might teach as a way to expand that networking outlet.

What networking goals might you set for 2015? Look back over our series to see which ideas are the best fit for you, and feel free to share in the comments section if you have further suggestions we haven’t included in our series!


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