Networking Tip: Laura’s Networking Goals for 2015

If you’ve been reading this series, you will have realized by now that I’m not the slickest networker. But I’m actually fairly good at it! Mostly because I’m genuine about how difficult it is for me. But I definitely have room for improvement and growth. Here are my three networking goals for 2015.

  1. Focus more of my networking efforts on educators. Don’t get me wrong–I LOVE my writer community. But my support network was hugely lobsided in favor of writers. Educators help me see what I need to do to get my books into schools, the main market for both poetry and nonfiction picture books. They are passionate about literature and love to talk books. I’m trying to equalize my community now by building relationships with more educators.
  2. Be more public about my profession. I still can’t/won’t brag about writing books or shove my books in people’s faces, but I will try several tactics (see my post about this) to share my career more publicly with the people I meet socially or through various non-writing-related activities.
  3. Do more follow-up. I meet lots of great people. I do not do enough follow-up afterward, so what could be relationships turn into just random meetings. I’m going to follow up in-person meetings with online connections, and even occasional emails and/or handwritten notes.

How about you? Are you ready to set one or more goals in the networking area?

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