Writers in the World: Laura Needs to Improve Her Juggling

Whee! Some good news first!

WATER CAN BE… is a Highly Commended title from the Charlotte Zolotow Award committee. But the sticker will of course only go to the winner, SPARKY!, by Jenny Offill :>)

Excited to see WATER CAN BE… on the Highly Commended list from the Zolotow Award committee! Congratulations to the winner, Jenny Offill, and to all the creators of the Honor and Highly Commended books–especially Violeta Dabija Illustration, Jamie A. Swenson, Author, Melissa Stewart, George Ella Lyon, Pat Mora, and Elizabeth Bluemle! Here’s the press release:


Now, on to my regularly scheduled post.

I am in the middle of a bunch of conflicting tasks lately. This is typical when you juggle writing for joy with writing for income, but I’m feeling especially torn into too many directions lately.  I am not nearly as zen as the guy in this picture. I’ve got too many balls in the air, I think.

Photo:  Thomas Nico Meuter on Flickr

Photo: Thomas Nico Meuter on Flickr

Ball One: My book A ROCK CAN BE… comes out in 6 weeks. I know I should be doing lots of marketing stuff for that. At a minimum, I need to create the teaching guide, create a book trailer, and get the book’s space on my website all set up. I’m not having a launch party (I haven’t for any of my books), so at least I don’t have THAT stress. But teaching guides take a lot of time. I’d better get started.

A Rock Can Be...

It’s almost here!

Ball Two: I’m on the verge of starting a big assessment writing project. I spent several hours sifting through ideas for nonfiction, fiction, and poetry passages, and I sent in 14 of them. Depending on how many of them get assigned, this could be a big chunk of my writing time over the next 6 weeks. Which is good, because I need the income. But bad, because I need the time.

Ball Three: There’s this book I’m dying to write. It’s a nonfiction picture book, and I’m actually doing a proposal for it (and I want to propose a whole series, in fact). It’s a complicated topic, and I’m doing a lot of reading. What I really want to do is ignore everything else on my desk and just immerse myself into that project. Instead, I’m lucky if I can give 30-60 minutes per day to it. It’s so frustrating!

Here’s a clue to some of the research I’ve been doing.

That doesn't give you a whole lot to go on, does it?

That doesn’t give you a whole lot to go on, does it?

Other balls include emails to answer, school visits to plan, taxes to do, etc. But those are the three biggies for me right now that I’m trying to juggle. Being a working writer requires this kind of juggling all the time, so I don’t know why I’m being whiny about it:>)

What projects are YOU juggling right now?


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