Networking Tip: Follow kidlit blogs

Even if you live in an isolated community, there are countless networking opportunities available via the Internet. One simple starting point is to set up a blog reader (I use Feedly) and then check in regularly to scan the blogs you’re following. Kidlitosphere Central is a great resource for identifying potential blogs. Once I find a blog I enjoy, I look for the blogs they link to as well. I follow a mix of blogs: those that focus on reviews, those that feature weekly round-ups of kitlit news, and those that have a fresh voice or perspective on the world of children’s books. I also include a mix of types of bloggers to get a range of perspectives: librarians, other authors, agents/editors, reviewers, and educators. One thing that I need to work on myself is to move beyond being just a passive blog reader: I’ve challenged myself to become a regular (thoughtful) commenter on the blogs I follow as well. Most bloggers love hearing from their readers, and many of them say (when they are interviewed themselves) that they remember the names of their regular commenters—and are therefore more inclined to someday feature their books when the commenter is asking for coverage on that same blog.

follow blogs


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