Networking Tip: Research before attending events

Research before eventsWhenever I’m getting ready for an “event,” somewhere I’ll meet other writers or industry people, I do a little advance research. When I started attending SCBWI events, I read about the speakers in advance. And I tried to read at least one book written by (if the speaker was an author) or edited by (if the speaker was an editor) each person. I still do this. As I write this, I’m heading to the National Council of Teachers of English conference in Washington, DC.  I’ll be attending a swanky dinner hosted by a publisher. I just received the list of attendees, and I’m thrilled that it’s mostly writers/poets I know! Yay! But for the bloggers and editors and writers on the list I DON’T know, I’m going to be doing a bit of research in the next few days. That way, if I end up chatting with those folks, I’ll have at least some idea of who they are and what they do. That makes it much easier to start a conversation!


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4 Responses to Networking Tip: Research before attending events

  1. Jessica Bigi says:

    when submitting to a publisher or mag what should you include in a short bio when asked to send one

    • OK, this isn’t really a networking question, but here’s the quick answer. You often include any publishing credits you have (paid or unpaid), what your specialties are, and where someone can learn more about you online. My brief bio (which you can see on my website at reads:

      Laura Purdie Salas is the author of more than 120 books for kids and teens, including WATER CAN BE…, A LEAF CAN BE… (Bank Street Best Books, IRA Teachers’ Choice, Minnesota Book Award Finalist, Riverby Award for Nature Books for Young Readers, and more), and BOOKSPEAK! POEMS ABOUT BOOKS (Minnesota Book Award, NCTE Notable, Bank Street Best Book, Eureka! Gold Medal, and more). She loves to introduce kids to poetry and help them find poems they can relate to, no matter what their age, mood, and personality. She has also written numerous nonfiction books. See more about Laura and her work at

      But an even shorter version, depending on what they ask for, would be:

      Laura Purdie Salas is an award-winning author of more than 120 nonfiction and poetry books for young readers, including WATER CAN BE… and BOOKSPEAK! Laura and her family live in Minneapolis, and you can learn more about her work at

      Hope that helps!

  2. This is SUCH a good idea, and you never know what commonalities you might find between yourself and the people you will meet! Have a great time at NCTE!!

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